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This teeth whitening pen works so easily. I noticed results after only a week or so of twice a day applications. It does have a little bit of an odd taste, but it is not offensive.

Easy to use, works just as advertised, and highly recommend. Buy it you’ll be happy. It worked really well for me.

Much easier to use than whitestrips. Much quicker. Covers the whole tooth!!

Easy to use. Can actually see difference using just one time. No sensitivity and no bad flavor.

This product not only whitens, it only takes 30 seconds to work, and is convenient to take when traveling.

Excellent product and I can see the difference in just a few applications.

The whitening pen is easy to use. The flavor is mild. It dries fast and is easy to apply. I like the brush tip.

The best teeth whitening pen I have used. Very happy.

How To Use


01.Brush and floss your teeth. 02.Dry your teeth with a tissue


03.Twist the bottom of the pen clockwise( to the right ) until a little gel flows from the gel chamber onto the brush. For first use you may need more twisting


04.Smile wide keeping lips away from your teeth. 05.Use even brush strokes to apply a thin layer of gel to each tooth. Do NOT apply gel to the gums.


06.Relax your lips after 30 seconds. Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after treatment. Enjoy brighter and whiter teeth.


* 1st Use: Twist the pen clockwise for around 10 rounds to get gels out of the pen when using it for the 1st time. * Brush & Set for 30 Mins: Brush gel onto clean, dry teeth, avoid the gums. * Reduce lips movement as much as possible within 30 minutes after applying the whitening gel. It will help keep them on the teeth and do the whitening job. * Rinse it Off if Dislike Taste: Rinse it off 30 minutes after using it if you don’t like the taste. People may swallow a small amount of gel applied on teeth together with saliva, which is safe. * 30 Minutes Before Sleeping & Leaving Home: The ideal times for using them are 30 minutes before sleeping in the night and 30 minutes before leaving home in the morning. It will help you build the routine and achieve desired results.

Compact Design
No Sensitivity
Easy to Use
Fast Results
Professinal Level
Natural Ingredients
Fresh Mint Flavour

The gel itself is made from a powerful carbamide peroxide formula that whitens teeth without causing sensitivity to the nerves.
Some gentle, but effective AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pens that’ll give you quick results with just a minute of daily use.

The pens are good for about 20 uses and contain 35 percent carbamide peroxide, an ingredient that studies have shown to be safe and effective in teeth whitening use.

The Asavea Teeth Whitening Pen is also free of harsh chemicals that can hurt your gums, and it works instantly.

This top-rated at-home teeth-whitening system makes your teeth four to eight shades whiter without causing sensitivity.

You rub the solution on your tooth for just one minute a day and then you will supposedly start seeing results.

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